August 1917

13th (Service) Battalion Middlesex Regiment – War diary

1 Aug 1917 On the night of 31 July / 1st Aug A & C Coys moved from LARCH WOOD TUNNELS to relieve the 2nd LEINSTERS in the front line (SHREWSBURY FOREST).

During the day (31.7.17) B & D Coy had moved into the front line to support the LEINSTERS & on the arrival of A & C Coys, D Coy moved back to our Transport Lines at MICMAC CAMP, while B Coy, less 1 platoon, combined with A Coy to hold the left Coy front. C Coy took over the right Coy front. One platoon of B Coy was in support near the Western edge of SHREWSBURY FOREST.

During the last 24 hrs the BN had suffered heavy casualties, so that it became necessary to bring up most of the reserve Officers then from the Transport Lines.

Officer Casualties under this date:-

2 LT H. ROGERSON CMDG A Coy – Killed in action
2 LT C.W. WALLIS CMDG D Coy – Killed in action
2 LT H.E. MARRIOT A Coy – Wounded in action
2 LT G.G. HOLT D Coy – Wounded in action (Gas)
2 LT J.B. FAULKNER D Coy – Wounded in action (Gas)
2 LT N. BLACKALL attd 73rd L T.M. BTY – Wounded at Duty.

4 Aug 1917 On the night of the 4/5th D Coy came up from the Transport Lines & relieved A Coy, less 1 platoon (which remained in the front line) & C Coy, less 1 platoon, which moved into support in place of 1 Platoon of B Coy. This platoon of B  went into the front line.
7 Aug 1917 On Aug 7th & during the night 7/8th the BN was relieved by the 8th BUFFS, 17th I.B. & moved to camp in the DICKEBUSCH area where ordinary training was carried on.

During this tour the ground was in a very bad state owing to the rain. Enemy’s shelling was heavy.

8 Aug 1917 Maj E.S.C. GRUNE, 1ST BN ESSEX RGT assumed tempy command of the BN.

The following Officers reported for duty from the 5th BN MIDDLESEX RGT & were posted as under:-

2 LT H.W. CATTLE to A Coy
2 LT A.R. HAYFORD to D Coy
2 LT A.G. REDSTON to D Coy

Transferred to ENGLAND, sick

10 Aug 1917 2 LT S.J. ASHMAN reported for duty from 5th BN MIDDLESEX RGT. & posted to D Coy, ???? brought with with him a draft of 41 ORs.
11 Aug 1917 Night 11/12 73rd I.B. relieved 17th BDE (Sector SHREWSBURY FOREST). B & D Coys relieved 2 Coys of the 12th ROYAL FUSILIERS in LARCH WOOD TUNNELS while A & C Coys relieved 1 Coy of the 3rd RIFLE BDE in CANADA ST TUNNELS (MT SORREL). BN HQ at LARCH WOOD TUNNELS.

The Bn was in reserve to the rest of the Bde, consequently the tour consisted entirely of ??????? & carrying parties. The enemy’s artillery was less active than last tour.

LT A.H. ROBERTS C Coy – Transferred to hospital
2 LT R. KEENE – Transferred to hospital

2 LT E.G. BAKER reported for duty from 41st I.B.D. & was posted to A Coy.

12 Aug 1917 A/R.S.M. M.W. KERRIGAN wounded in action.
CAPT J.H. SCHOOLING to hospital
2 LT E.G. BAKER to hospital
13 Aug 1917 2 LT G. BURTON reported for duty from 5th BN MIDDLESEX RGT. & was posted to C Coy.
14 Aug 1917 2 LT E.G. BAKER returned from hospital.
15 Aug 1917 On the night 15/16 72 I.B. relieved 73 I.B.

A Coy were relieved by a Coy of 9th E. SURREYS.
B, C, D, Coys were relieved by 8th QUEENS.

BN moved to MICMAC CAMP (N.W. of DICKEBUSCH) where ordinary training was carried on.

CAPT R.H. FULTON R.A.M.C. to the hospital sick.

16 Aug 1917 CAPT. I. VAN DANDAIQUE R.A.M.C. reported for duty as BN M.O.
19 Aug 1917 BN moved to ‘K’ Camp DICKEBUSCH. Training.

The following Officers went to hospital:-


The following officers reported for duty from 6th Bn MIDDLESEX RGT.


23 Aug 1917 Night 23/24 73rd I.B. relieves 17th I.B.

Bn takes over left sub section from 1st R.F. (Sector S of INVERNESS COPSE).


Rt Front Coy – B
Centre Coy – C
Lt Front Coy – D
Close support to Rt Front Coy – A

Enemy shelling was heavy during this tour. On the morning of the 24th C & D Coys repelled an enemy counterattack. This attack was an effort on the part of the enemy to recapture a dugout which had been taken from him 2 nights previously.

25 Aug 1917 Enemy attacked division on our left (14th). D Coy were opposite the left flank of the attack & succeeded in holding their line.
26 Aug 1917 LT. COL. D.H. DAWSON transferred to ENGLAND sick.
27 Aug 1917 2 LT B. TEDMAN, D Coy wounded at duty.

Night 27/28 72 I.B. relieves 73 I.B. Bn relieved by 8th QUEENS. The ground was very wet and muddy & made the relief extremely difficult.

28 Aug 1917 2 LT E.C. ANDERSON reported for duty from 5th BN MIDDLESEX RGT. and was posted to B Coy.

Authority was given for following Offrs to wear badges of rank as stated:

Capt. R.S. DOVE – MAJ
LT F.L. WIGINGTON – CAPT and to Cmd C Coy
2 LT R. HARRISON assumes Cmd of B Coy
LT H. ROBERTS, C Coy, transferred to ENGLAND sick
LT W.J. O’MEARA transport Offr assumes duties of Bde T.O. & wear badges of rank of Capt.

29 Aug 1917 2 LT R. KEENE, C Coy returns from hospital.
30 Aug 1917 2 LT M.Q. DAVIES transferred from C to D Coy.
31 Aug 1917 Bn moves to K Camp DICKBUSCH. Training.
2 LT N. BLACKALL attd L.T. M. BTY to hospital.
Summary of Casualties during the Month

Killed: Officers o, OR 6
Died of Wounds: Officers 0, OR 1
Accidentally Killed: Officers 0, OR 0
Wounded: Officers 0, OR 19
Accidentally wounded: Officers 0, OR 0
Missing: Officers 0, OR 0
Wounded & MIssing: Officers 0, OR 0

Total: Officers 0, OR 26


Officers 4
Other Ranks 332

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